Instapaper part 4: Wrapping it up, pros and cons.

20 Nov

Instapaper has a very practical function considering the amount of information individuals encounter while using the internet, specifically due to the increased amount of sharing and linkage between people online, facilitated by factors such as social media and networking.It has become difficult for one to do all of his or her reading in one consecutive online session, and one needs to find a good time to read.

This application is useful for many different kinds of people, such as people who like to read and find information on the internet, but perhaps encounter the different articles or pages at inconvenient times. It is also useful for those who use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and encounter many links to different pages throughout the day. It is a great application for anyone from the Internet generation, as most have mastered the art of multi-tasking, and usually tend to be doing many things at once while using the Internet.

Perhaps the only negative aspects of this application is that it does not support PDF files, and that the owner does not believe that the app will reach smart-phones other than the iPhone. Also, for those of you who are also conspirational, you might not like the idea of all your readings posted on one site! Who knows who could be watching….


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