Instapaper part 1: A simple web application for all you procrastinators out there…

20 Nov

So I have recently discovered this simple Web 2.0 application called Instapaper. Its purpose is to allow individuals to easily save online pages for later reading, no matter what website or computer one is on. Instapaper has a very practical function considering the amount of information individuals encounter while using the internet, specifically due to the increased amount of sharing and linkage between people online, facilitated by factors such as social media and networking.

Personally, I consider one of the significant reasons for using social networking sites is too see what interesting articles my friends are posting. It has widened my scope of sources of reading and news, but due to the abundance of pages shared on a daily basis, I never have time to read them all and tend to forget about them. Instapaper does provide a solution to this, by allowing you to save these articles from anywhere and at anytime for later reading. It has become difficult for one to do all of his or her reading in one consecutive online session, and one needs to find a good time to read.

For my next few posts, I will be describing this application more thoroughly, by describing its functions, how it is used, and its pros and cons. I hope it can be useful for all you readers as well!


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